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[Tenipuri] The Value of Patience

Title: The Value of Patience
Pairing/Characters: Marui/Kirihara, mentions of past Yanagi/Kirihara
Rating: Hard R/Low NC-17 (sex is not particularly graphic)
Word Count: good question
Summary: Bunta is annoyed.
Warnings: Porn.Porn.Porn. Seme!Bunta? IDK.
Notes: To be honest I completely forgot I even wrote this until youseichen asked me if she could translate it into German OTL Written for a deadbeat @ santa_smex in 2008 >_> I think this was the last tennis fic I wrote, too. OTL Originally posted here.

The Value of PatienceCollapse )

[art dump] mess o' fandoms

Mainly a bunch of random crap that was piling up in the margins of my notes and school and stuff that was the result of having hours free between classes but not enough time to go home and come back >> Lots and lots of dumb tennis (particularly Kamio). Ignore random language and talk of apes, half of these were done on my Japanese/German/Anthropology notes (with the occasional maths thrown in) >> Quality and actual completeness of artwork is questionable.

Pile o' tennis.Collapse )

The World Ends With YouCollapse )

Original stuffCollapse )

Misc other stuff.Collapse )

[art] Neku

[art] Beat/Rhyme + Kamio

O my life. Madly working on shit for Fanime, possibly more coming in the near future If I ever get this bloody Hanekoma/Joshua one finished DX

+1 Beat & RhymeCollapse )

+1 KamioCollapse )

[art] Jackal+Bunta

Did most of this while bumming around at my table @ Ycon's AA. Finished today for I am made of sloooooooooooowwwwwwww and fail.

Anyway. Late birthday present for Mommy soloproject, for she is sexy fabulous and ♥

No background but I still fail at backgrounds anyway.Collapse )

[Tenipuri] Broken Toys

Title: Broken Toys
Pairing/Characters: Sanada/Yukimura friendship, cameos and commentary by other random Rikkai boys.
Rating: PG-13 at the very most
Word Count: 4351
Summary: A collection of memories and the importance of things.
Warnings: ...Small children?  ...SanaYuki as small children? Stupidcute? Potentially stupid. None, really.
Notes: Written for justsonya @ rikkai_exchange. "Prompts" included newly formed relationships and coming of age, sooooo. Little kids they are. For a little while, at least. *insert muttering about other three fics started for exchange being nothing but epic failure not worth finishing maybe after I stop hating on them there will be an influx of bizarre D1 here* Thank you, impressioniste, for giving it a once over to catch my "I have not slept in 287349872349870-9827304987239847 hours" typos and fail!grammar. ♥

Broken ToysCollapse )

[Art] GW: Trowa+Quatre

[Tenipuri] Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Title: Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Pairing/Characters: Yamato, Kirihara, Yanagi
Rating: PG/PG-13 for language
Word Count: 882
Summary: He don't got no head lice.
Notes: Written for yuki_scorpio with the prompt Yamato, Kirihara, and hair. tenipuri_fusion-verse. ...Uh. Pez. This is what I was writing while you were high on Fanta. XD; I blame the vodka. And the Jagermeister. Really.

Stupid Is As Stupid DoesCollapse )



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