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[art dump] mess o' fandoms

Mainly a bunch of random crap that was piling up in the margins of my notes and school and stuff that was the result of having hours free between classes but not enough time to go home and come back >> Lots and lots of dumb tennis (particularly Kamio). Ignore random language and talk of apes, half of these were done on my Japanese/German/Anthropology notes (with the occasional maths thrown in) >> Quality and actual completeness of artwork is questionable.


The World Ends With You

Original stuff

Kuroshitsuji, Weiss Kreuz, Vampire Knight

Tags: !!user: sharpie, character: bito raimu (rhyme), character: ciel phantomhive, character: hanekoma sanae, character: kamio akira, character: kirihara akaya, character: kiryuu yoshiya (joshua), character: naoe nagi, character: tachibana an, character: tsukiyono omi, character: zero kiriyuu, fandom: kuroshitsuji, fandom: original characters, fandom: tenipuri, fandom: the world ends with you, fandom: vampire knight, fandom: weiss kreuz, noriart, school: fudoumine, school: rikkai

  • [Tenipuri] The Value of Patience

    Title: The Value of Patience Pairing/Characters: Marui/Kirihara, mentions of past Yanagi/Kirihara Rating: Hard R/Low NC-17 (sex is not particularly…

  • [art] 07-Ghost & original work

    A.K.A "Things to not be lumped with the crap in the last post" 1. As possibly obvious, this took me for fucking ever. Most of it was done while…

  • [art] Neku

    Prismacolors, god only knows how long I actually spent on this. I started it while dicking around at my AA table at Fanime ( This is after about…

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