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[art] 07-Ghost & original work

A.K.A "Things to not be lumped with the crap in the last post"


As possibly obvious, this took me for fucking ever. Most of it was done while at school, hur. Mikage's face is really retarded BUT I DON'T CARE. I really liked the idea of this type of picture, but I don't think I pulled it off so well. XD (Additionally, I do have prints in two sizes of this if anyone wants them :|)

Mikageeee I miss youuuu ;o;


Kai, one of aoi_tenshi's original characters, done as a secret santa gift. ........He looks way too much like Fuji :| I actually had a lot of fun colouring this, despite the fact my marker paper apparently cannot handle my colouring style (or that amount of marker ink :|) XD;
Tags: !!user: sharpie, character: mikage, character: teito klein, fandom: 07-ghost, fandom: original characters, noriart, ocharacter: kai

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