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[Tenipuri] His Love

Title: His Love
Pairing: Marui/Cheesecake
Rating: G
Word Count: 826 words
Summary: Marui finally gets what he wants.
Notes: For absolutlera. Pure silliness. Marui/Cheesecake OTP.

The brightly coloured display caught his attention on the way home from school every day. The sign advertised that it was the best cheesecake in town, so sweet and creamy that one taste was all it would take to get you hooked. The sign may have been telling the truth, for every time Bunta inquired about the cheesecake in question he received the same answer: Sorry, son, we've sold out today. Try again tomorrow!

It seemed that no matter how much time he cut off of his daily routine, he never managed to get the coveted cheesecake; not even leaving practice five minutes early without changing back into his school uniform had helped shave enough time to get there before the last one was sold.

Today, however, would be the day. Both his captain and vice-captain had to leave early to their respective doctors for checkups, and practice had been canceled: perfect! He waved goodbye to his classmates as he bolted out the door, and when Kirihara tried to catch his attention in the hallway, whatever the boy said was quickly shot down and ignored; the cheesecake waited for no one.

Bunta hurried his way through the school grounds and out on to the street, bypassing his usual bus stop in favour of running - at this time of day, it was just faster to get there on foot. He was out of breath by the time he made it to the bakery, sweat dripping from his face and hair standing up every which way. He stood in line, panting, watching cheesecake after cheesecake disappear in front of him as the line grew shorter. The last of the cheesecakes went to the young woman in front of him.

"Damn it!" He pouted, chewing on his lip for a moment as he looked over the sweets still displayed; he was here, he may as well choose something else. The wizened old woman behind the counter, however, smiled and cut him off when he tried to order.

"You're in here every day," She said, turning her back for a moment. "And you always ask for the same thing." When she turned to face him again, she was holding one of the very cheesecakes Bunta had been after. "I saved one for you today, since you really seem to want it."

Bunta's face brightened, and he thanked the woman profusely. As soon as the cheesecake had been wrapped and paid for Bunta made his way back out onto the street, intent on getting home as soon as humanly possible so that he could fully enjoy the sweet confection. Time seemed to drag on and on and what felt like hours later he was finally stepping through the threshold and dumping both shoes and school bag in a mess on the floor.

Judging by the lack of any form of noise, none of his family members were home - perfect! No brothers to harass him and no parents to make him share his spoils; this was absolute heaven. The box was surreptitiously slid onto the counter, fingers tracing the sharp corners of the cardboard with anticipation. Bunta licked his lips, holding his breath as the top of the box was carefully pulled away to reveal the cheesecake in all its glory.

He dared not touch it; instead taking a few moments to study it, nose twitching and mouth watering with each whiff of cherry, cream, and graham cracker. Cheesecakes were like women: one simply just did not reap the benefits before he had justly earned them. A knife was produced from a nearby drawer and Bunta eyed his prize even closer, biting his lip for a moment while deciding just where to make the first -- and most important -- cut.

Bunta shivered with anticipation as the knife sliced easily through the cream and crust. Each cut into the cheesecake only made him more eager, and by the time six perfect, evenly sized slices sat in front of him he was nearly panting.

From this point on there was no need for formalities, and Bunta did exactly what his instincts told him to do: he grabbed the closest piece of cheesecake and took a great big bite out of it, eyes slipping closed and moaning softly in pleasure as his tongue flicked out to catch a bit of whipped cream from his lower lip.

It wasn't long before the small cheesecake had been completely devoured, leaving Bunta slightly fuller and perfectly content. It really was no wonder those cheesecakes always sold out so quickly – the sign advertising them had been right, that had been possibly the best cheesecake he had ever eaten in his (albeit short) life.

He practically purred in satisfaction when he finally flopped back on the couch and flipped on the television, licking his lips in hopes of catching remnants and sighing when he tasted nothing. At last, all was right in the world. And now for a good, long nap.


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Apr. 4th, 2008 08:43 pm (UTC)
♥ cute and fluffy and just the right amount of silly
Apr. 6th, 2008 09:43 am (UTC)
ILU MY NORI-CHU <3333333
You totally just dug me out from under a pile of essays and breathed life back into me ~! cheesy as it sounds. hmm.
*Smothers you in hugs and lovin's*

Apr. 6th, 2008 09:52 am (UTC)
and it's really pretty, the fic. Bunta and his craving for orgasmic cheesecake~ You make me crave it. D:

*steals Bunta's* =x
Apr. 10th, 2008 03:04 pm (UTC)
I came.
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